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NOW AVAILABLE !!!  Purchase our same great honey varietals, in 21 oz jars.

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NOW AVAILABLE !!! Purchase our same great honey varietals, in 21 oz jars.

Available in all varietals listed for our 10 oz jars, including : Alfalfa, Avocado, Blackberry, Black Sage, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Clover, Lemon Bee Balm, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Star Thistle, and Wildflower Honeys.  All of our honey is 100% natural, raw and barely filtered (except to remove huge chunks of wax).

The Wildflower varietal is made by keeping the beehives at a location year round, and letting the bees to go to whatever is blooming in the area.  As a result, this Wildflower honey is multi-floral, with nectar and pollen varieties blended together by the bees.  As a result of this diverse pollen profile, this honey has been known to aid allergy sufferers, regardless of their locality from the SF Bay Area.

All other varietals, are mono-floral varietals which are made by moving beehives onto fields or orchards, where those targeted varietals grow en masse and when they are in bloom.  Thus these honey varietals are made from only the targeted nectar, and contain only the targeted pollen as well.  They are quite healthy and flavorful as well.  Try the differences between our lightest varietal Lemon Bee Balm and our darkest varietal Avocado Honey.

Check the pictures of the honey, and their descriptions within the 10 oz jar offerings.   Enjoy Gerard’Z Honeybees Honey is this new larger sized jars !!  Eat more honey for healthier immune systems.

At checkout, please designate which varietals are requested, in the comments section.


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