Honeybees, Honey, Wine & Live Music!

Music and events go hand in hand, add wine and honey and you have a match made in heaven. Gerard’Z Honeybees has joined forces with Internationally Acclaimed Bass Guitar Extraordinaire , Angeline Saris and San Francisco Bay Area Premier Saxophonist, Otoe Mori to create special events (public and private) to appreciate honey, wine, music, and the company of others.

What's Available?

Honeybee Learning Environment

LIVE BEES are brought to the event. Guests will see the bees and be educated based on level of interest!

Honey Tasting

We bring at least four varietals to try – with an option to buy at the event!

Wine, Beer, Cider Tasting

Depending on the venue selected there will be sampling and sales of these tasty drinks!

Custom Honey Favors

Design and personalize your own honey label for the event selecting from any combination of our 11 honey varietals

Apiary Excursions

To observe and handle the bees inside the actual hives, and so much more!

Live Music

The Queen Bees - The talented and creative Otoe Mori plays the alto saxophone, and most unique bass player, internationally acclaimed original artist Angeline Saris, specialize in jazz, hip-hop, funk, rock, heavy metal, dub-step, along with crowd favorites from many music genres.This musical duo easily adds on guitar, bass, keys, drums, and additional artists, as required. The events can include Otoe & Angeline mingling with guests throughout the night, performing up to 120 minutes during events.

Honey Hors D’ Oeuvres

Learn how to get creative with honey in food and about the benefits of honey in your diet!


If you are interested in holding a Honey, Wine and Live Music event with Otoe Mori, Angeline Saris and Gerard'Z Honeybees, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with a special event quote.

Live Music - Otoe Mori & Angeline Saris

Internationally acclaimed bass guitarist Angeline Saris & San Francisco Bay Area premier saxophonist Otoe Mori, create the musical core - "The Queen Bees". This musical duo adds on guitar, bass, keys, drums and additional local artist as required. The events can include Otoe & Angeline mingling throughout the festivities, playing up to 120 minutes at events.